Miquel Serra Mas.
Architect and Technical Architect.

Finalised the career as a technical architect, he decided to continue his studies and also for the context of crisis in Spain and Europe, he initiated the career of Architect. At the same time, he begins to work as technical architect at national construction companies and architecture studios in Barcelona.

In the last year of his second university career goes back to his native island, to apply the acquired knowledge, first at a big construction company, and after by his own as a technical architect carrying out projects management, Health and safety coordination plans and working together with different construction companies from the island.

Finalised the studies of architecture found Negreta Estudi d’Arquitectura, with the intention to initiate his professional career as an architect applying all the acquired knowledges, offering as an added value the extensive knowledge in all the phases, since the project, the technical and economic viability study and the constructions of projects.


Technical Architect

Project Manager

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Miquel Serra
Architecte y Technical Architect
Francis Ferrer